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Tapered Stem Vase No. 1 | Raw Stoneware


To highlight the simple joys that come from the beauty of a single flower or stem, we have created a special limited edition vase. Introducing the Tapered Stem Vases– designed to beautifully showcase the one or two stems that speak the most to you. 

These vases are handmade and available in two sizes and two clays bodies, our ivory porcelain and sand stoneware. Each vase has been glazed on the inside to contain a small amount of water for the stems and left unglazed on the outside to allow the texture of our natural clay bodies to show through.

Explore this vase in our secondary size. 
Explore this vase in our ivory porcelain clay.

Due to the complexity of producing these vases, we have only created a small batch. Quantities are limited. Collect them while you can.

Product Dimensions
Tapered Stem Vase No. 1: 4.5” h x 2.25” d

Product Specifications
Vases sold individually.
Material: Sand Stoneware
Glaze: Ivory
Use: Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe

Tapered Stem Vase No. 1 | Raw Stoneware