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Our Location

We are so thrilled to have opened our first Verdant location in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. Verdant is a Botanical Gift Shop that specializes in Plants, Flowers, Ceramics and Gifts. We’re a service-oriented, neighborhood shop that wants to ensure that beautiful, quality and thoughtful gifting is accessible. Gifts for you and for those you love! 



Verdant’s first retail location is located in the Crossroads Art’s District of Kansas City. 

128 West 18th Street, Kansas City 64108

Open Everyday 10-7


A Truly Handcrafted Shop

Because we create so many of our products by hand, it only made sense that we prioritized hand-crafted features within our shop as well. To highlight a few, we hand-made our store-front tiles at Convivial. We hand-painted our Forget-Me-Not mural on the back, North wall. We commission Botanical Illustrations for our Greeting Card Line. We restored the history of our green, feature wall. We hand-crafted our shelving and flower pedestals.


Founder & Lead Designer

Chentell Shannon, the woman behind Convivial Production, is the owner and lead designer of Verdant.



If you’re not familiar, Convivial is a design and manufacturing company that creates handmade, ceramics wares in the Historic West Bottom of Kansas City, Missouri. The largely wholesale based company creates wares in the categories of Home, Table and Garden - all built around the notion of Conviviality. In 2019, Chentell began developing Verdant as her first retail concept, designed to serve as an expression of Convivial’s Garden Category.  


Walking into our Verdant location and you’ll immediately be entering into a space filled with hundreds of tropical plants sprinkled throughout our shelving.

At Verdant we mainly curate Tropical Plant varieties. We curate plants from 2” to 8+ feet. Our Plants are thoughtfully curated to pair in size and design with the hand-made ceramic planters that we create. We want each plant and planter pairing to feel thoughtful, lush and beautiful within your space.


Verdant has a comprehensive flower program that curates a weekly selection of fresh and dried stems, bundles and designer bouquets.
Our flowers and foliage varieties are always curated within Verdant’s signature color palette and our bouquets are always designed to fit one of our handmade Convivial vase designs.  Once you collect one of our Convivial vases you can continue to collect our bouquets, knowing they have been intentionally designed to fit your convivial vase at home.

No pre-orders are required to collect flowers from Verdant. We proudly offer ready-made flowers and bouquets everyday of the week for walk-in customers!


All ceramic planters, vases and candles we offer through Verdant are designed and handmade by our Parent Company, Convivial.



Convivial is a ceramic design and manufacturing company located in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City. Each piece is brought from dust to life by a team of incredibly hard-working and creative women.



Our mission at Verdant is to curate quality, beautiful and accessible wares and to inspire a culture of thoughtfulness and gifting.


No more running around to piece together the perfect gift. Verdant has designed every detail - from the product, to the card, to the packaging - to ensure a one-stop-shop for the right gift.

Whether it is a hand-written note, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a fun new house plant, we’re ready to help you tell those you love how thought of and cared for they are.