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In Bloom


Enhance your home with beautiful flowers! Inside this comprehensive guide:

  • Getting Started: choosing the blooms for your cutting garden, considering color, scale, texture, scent, and more
  • Annuals & Biennials: collecting seed, planting, and care for everything from sweet peas to Icelandic poppies
  • Bulbs: low-maintenance tulips, daffodils, Persian buttercups, hyacinths, fritillaries, dahlias, and more
  • Perennials, Shrubs, & Trees: create out-of-the-ordinary displays with the likes of hellebores, lupins, Japanese anemones, masterwort, and yarrow
  • Foliage & Fillers: don't forget the backbone of your mixed arrangements like aromatics, evergreen climbers, and the trees in your garden
  • Harvesting & Arranging: enjoy the fruits of your labor with how-tos, styling tips, and project ideas for spectacular flower arrangements

In this beautifully designed book brimming with inspirational photographs, Clare Nolan reveals her secrets for growing a bountiful harvest, as well as styling spectacular displays that will fill your home with color and the gorgeous scent of the garden year-round!

Author Clare Nolan is an internationally renowned stylist and gardener. She was the lifestyle editor of the Mail on Sunday's YOU Magazine. Her work has also appeared in both the Saturday Telegraph and The Sunday Times magazines. She is also the author of Making a House Your Home.

Inside In Bloom, Clare takes the mystique out of the growing process—from choosing the plants to suit both your garden and home and laying out your cutting patch to planning ahead so you get your perfect palette of color, texture, and shape to play with at the right time of year.

An entire chapter on arranging will inspire you to create spectacular arrangements for your home without the need for complicated floristry techniques. Being able to step out of the back door and pick a single stem for beside the bed, pull together a posy for a friend, or create a colorful centerpiece is an exciting and rewarding addition to the whole "grow your own" experience!

Inside this book, 272 pages are packed with hundreds of photos to help you plan, plant, and maintain a bountiful home flower garden. You'll find information on how to choose your plants, position your patch, and grow luxurious flowers; cultivation tips for annuals, biennials, bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, foliage, and fillers; when and how to harvest; how to make your flowers last longer; a styling guide to help you create stunning arrangements that look like they came from a fine flower shop; and expert advice from experienced interiors stylist and lifestyle editor Clare Nolan.

Grow your own flower shop at the bottom of your garden, and learn how to style gorgeous arrangements, with In Bloom!

In Bloom