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The ritual of burning a candle brings you, your home and your guests joy. However, the challenge of what to do with the vessel after you’ve lit it for its final burn, leaves you stressed and conflicted. You can either toss it or try to repurpose it - or if you’re like me, store all the containers in a drawer, letting them pile up, hoping that some day you’ll get around to repurposing them. Yes, repurposing your vessel can be successful, and we absolutely encourage it! However, we also recognized that the thought of repurposing your favorite candle year after year may not be realistic, especially if your aspiring for a de-cluttered, intentional and more simplistic home.

Refill was dreamed up as a part of our sustainability initiative within our parent company, Convivial. It seeks to close the waste gap in the lifespan of candles vessels. Yes, by all means, if you need another planter or small storage vessel within your home, our vessels are designed with this second life in mind. However, from our research we’ve found that the typical household has between 4-30 candles within their home at a given time. Meaning, instead of repurposing your vessel, you may just want to swap for a refilled vessel.

To start your Refill process, you first must burn through a Convivial Candle.
Then visit our REFILL listing.

The information below is intended to serve as a resource for
1.) How to clean your finished candle.
2.) How to pack your vessels for return successfully.
3) How to return your vessel in person if you live local to Kansas City.


We know the thought of cleaning your own vessel may seems a bit overwhelming at first. We hope these two cleaning tricks that we’ve tested and approve will help make it a quick and accessible part of your low-waste lifestyle. All you need is a kitchen and the will to succeed!

Supplies Needed: Boiling Water, Butter Knife/Spoon, Soap, Sponge

When your candle vessel has burned through the final remnants of the wick, it will leave a small layer of wax pooling up to where the wick’s stand is. This is the wax you’re going to try to remove. Simply heat up a kettle of boiling water and pour the water into the candle vessel. Let the water sit in the vessel until it cools completely. This will cause the wax to melt and float to the surface when cooled. When the water has cooled, remove the wax on the top of the vessel. Strain the water or toss outside. You want to avoid bits of wax going down your kitchen sink drain. Repeat these steps again if more wax remains in the vessel or use a butter knife/spoon to scrape out the remaining wax. Finally, clean out the vessel with warm, soapy water and a sponge. You will also want to ensure the sticker on the base of the vessel is removed as well. Use warm, soapy water and a sponge for this. 


If you live in Kansas City, you are more than welcome to visit our store to exchange your empty vessel(s) in person. The exchange process is quick and simple. Just bring in your cleaned vessel, pick out a new candle and our staff with check you out. Verdant is open everyday, 10am-7pm. 

Need Directions? We’re located at 128 W 18th Street Kansas City, MO 64108.

You can also exchange your vessel at the Convivial ceramics studio, located in the Historic West Bottoms.


Before packing your vessel, please ensure it meets the following quality checkpoints:

1.) Wick Removed
2.) Label Cleaned from Base (no residue or sticky remnants)
3.) Interior Clean (no wax or black flame marks)
4.) No cracks or chips in Vessel


You will need the following supplies to pack your box:

1.) Cleaned Candle Vessel
2.) Box
3.) Packing Materials|
4.) Tape
5.) Printer (to print label)

If you saved the packaging your candle came in initially, please reuse! If not, please use any box you have on hand. We don’t care if it’s new or used, just a standard shipping box, ideally at or under 8 x 8 x 8 inches. Simply use standard packing tape to seal the box and to adhere the printed label to the exterior of the box.


To securely pack you vessel you’ll want to use 3 strips of packing materials. The first strip you’ll place at the base and sides of the box, creating a nest for the candle to sit within. The second (largest) strip you’ll use to wrap around the candle vessel itself, ensuring it is evenly cushioned on every side. Once you’ve laid the first strip within the box, you can place the wrapped vessel in the “nest” in the center of the box. The third strip, you’ll use to cushion around and on top of the wrapped vessel within the box, prior to closing the flaps.


Using packing tape you have on hand at home or a provided water-activated, Convivial tape strip, close and seal the box. Prior to sealing, you are looking to be sure the vessel is not shaking within the box when moved, rather that it feels secure, centered and nestled within packing materials.


Prior to returning your candle you’ll need to purchase the Refill listing. Upon doing so, our staff will send you a return label within 1-2 business days. You’ll simply need to print the label we send to you and tape it to the outside of the box. Be sure the email you use when checking out for the Refill listing is the one you check most often!


Your label will be generated through USPS, which means you can either 1.) Drop it off at the closest facility (no waiting in line, just drop it with the cashier and leave) or 2.) Schedule A Pick Up. Because USPS has daily routes to all locations, they offer a free pick up service for their customers. All you need to do is let them know you have a package, where it will be and schedule for them to collect it. When you schedule a pick up, ensure the box is placed in the noted location on the date you schedule the pick up for.


Q: Can I utilize the Refill Program if I purchased my Convivial candle from a store that carries Convivial other than Verdant?

A: Absolutely! All Minimal Convivial 7 oz candle vessels qualify to utilize the program. Special release Convivial candles - with carved designs for example - do not qualify. 


Q: Can I utilize the program for candle vessels that are not Convivial’s 7 oz Minimal Vessels?

A: Unfortunately, no other containers qualify.

Q: Can I return my candle uncleaned?

A: At this time, we do not have the capacity to clean out used vessel. However, we hear you and will continue to seek improvement in this service as we are able to.

Q: Can I switch out for a new scent when utilizing the program?

A: Yes! When you utilize the program, you will ultimately be returning the used vessel and selecting a new one that is already filled and ready to go. Because of this, you have the option to select any scent you want.

Q: I didn't save the packaging that my original vessel came in. What materials should I use?

A: Please feel free to utilize materials that you have on hand prior to going out and buying new ones. You can use packing materials from other shipments or, if needed, newspaper. Please do not wrap your return vessel using paper towels. If using newspaper, crumple it up first to create cushion. Your goal when packing is to ensure the vessel is cushioned, wrapped evenly, and placed in the center of the box and that it doesn’t shake when the box is moved.

Q: Do I need to return the dust cover and branded box?

A: If the dust cover is in tact and you want to recycle it with us, please include it! However, the dust cover is not needed to utilize the program and will not be used again if it is damaged in any way. The box and additional packaging should not be returned, but please do recycle them!

Q: Do I get a new matchbox with my Refill purchase?

A: Yes! When utilizing the refill program, you will automatically receive a new candle and matchbox.

Q: What happens if my vessels breaks in transit back to the studio?

A: All of our labels include insurance, and we tackle the damage claims for you. You will never need to worry about this in the case your vessel does break in transit. We do ask that you package your vessels with care in a box, not an envelope or bag. 


To start your Refill process, visit our REFILL listing.

Have any additional questions? 
Please email us at