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More joy, less waste.

A Candle Refill Program designed just for you!

Refill was dreamed up as a part of our sustainability initiative within our company. It seeks to close the waste gap in the lifespan of our candles vessels. Yes, by all means, if you need another planter or small storage vessel within your home, our vessels are designed with this second life in mind. However, from our research we’ve found that the typical household has between 4-30 candles within their home at a given time. Meaning, instead of repurposing your vessel, you may just want to swap for a refill. You’re not alone!


In short, you will be trading in your vessel, cleaned and ready to be filled for another customer, and you will be sent a completely new candle, filled with any scent of your choice. Simply follow the steps below and we'll handle the rest!

Step 1 - Burn through your Convivial Candle

Before you can purchase a refill, you must first have a 7 oz Candle Vessel in your home. Any scent will do! Once you have completely burned through your candle vessel, you’re ready to purchase a refill.

Step 2 - Purchase Refill Listing

You can select any scent from this listing. It does not need to match the candle you previously collected. The fun in this is that you are recycling and enjoying the process of trying new scents. Or stop by Verdant in person! 

Step 3 - Clean Your Vessel

Need suggestions on how to clean out your vessel prior to returning it? Visit our REFILL Post for details and quality check points we are looking for! We are not accepting uncleaned vessels at this time. Uncleaned vessels may be subject to a cleaning fee.

Step 4 - Pack, Label, Return

After checking out for this listing, our staff will email you a shipping label within 1-2 business days. Attach the label to a return box, schedule a USPS pick up or drop it off at your local post office. 

Step 5 - Enjoy

Once your return vessel has shipped, your new candle will automatically be shipped to you.

Please note: Only original 7oz Convivial candle vessels are eligible for the Refill program. You will receive a new Convivial vessel filled with your scent choice. Your vessel will be reused and returned to our candle filling process, to be enjoyed again by someone new!



The price of the listing includes the price for the new candle and matchbook. At check out you will be charged for shipping to cover the label to return the old vessel and to ship out the new vessel. Uncleaned vessels may be subject to a cleaning fee.


If you live in Kansas City, please visit our Verdant to exchange your empty vessel(s) in person. Verdant is open everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Please call us at (816) 945-6655 for any questions.

Address: 128 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108