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Moisture Reader


A plant care essential– this moisture meter reads the pH levels, moisture, or light level of soil. A lightweight design with no batteries necessary. Made from aluminum and copper.

Product Dimensions:

Meter: 11.6''L x 2'' W x 1.5'' H
Weight: 3 oz
Probe Length: 7.87”

Product Specifications:

Instructions: Switch to moisture, pH, or light level— depending on specific demand. Insert moisture reader into soil about 2/3 of the way down. Check moisture, pH, or light level after 10 minutes of insertion. Remove reader from soil and wipe clean.
Care: Wipe clean after every use.

Note: Do not leave reader in soil too long post reading, as it could ruin the reader.
Reader is only meant to be used on soil— do not insert or immerse into liquid.

Moisture Reader