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Stainless Steel Cord Set


Our stainless steel hanging cord sets are designed specifically for our ceramic hanging planters. They’re made to be strong, durable and long lasting. To install, simply pinch and thread the loop end of each cord from the interior of the hanging planter to the exterior. The ball end should keep the cord from falling out. Then connect the 3 or 4 loop ends with the stainless steel ring provided.  

Note: Please select the appropriate cord set for your 3-hole or 4-hole hanging planter. All hanging planters previously sold with our hemp hanging cord will require a 4 piece set. We will no longer be offering our hemp cords for safety reasons. 

Product Dimensions:
Cord length: 25”
3 Piece Set: Includes 3 individuals cord, 1 ring
4 Piece Set: Includes 4 individual cords, 1 ring

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel Cord & Ring

Indoor use only

Stainless Steel Cord Set