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Foxglove Seed Packet


Foxglove (digitalis) is an elegant biennial flower boasting bell-shaped blossoms that look like gloves. With their towering stalks, Foxglove adds nice verticality to your garden. What’s more, these flowers actually do well in shaded and moist areas. This packet includes an assortment of white, pink, peach, and apricot hues.

*All parts of the Foxglove are toxic if ingested. Be careful when harvesting, and use caution with children and pets.*


Color: white, pink, peach, and apricot

Plant Zone: 3-9 (Kansas City is Zone 6)

Plant type: annual/biennial

Height: grows up to 47”

Site: part sun/shade

Sow: Plant directly into soil, 12” apart

Approximate seeds per packet: approximately 1,000


Start your seeds in trays indoors 2-3 months before the last frost and transplant once the danger of frost has passed.  Water the bottom of the tray until plants emerge.

Cutting / Vase Life:

If you’d like to cut your Foxgloves, do so early when just a few blossoms are open. Once the bees pollinate them, the blooms will drop soon after. Vase life should be about a week. 

Foxglove Seed Packet