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Bishop's Flower Seed Packet


Bishop’s Flower (Ammi majus) – also known as ‘White Lace’ – is a hardy classic native wildflower. It’s similar to Queen Anne’s Lace with a large white cap of clustered blossoms, but it’s not invasive. They grow abundantly and make great cut flowers.


Plant Zone: 3-9 (Kansas City is Zone 6)

Plant type: annual

Height: grows up to 47”; their white flower heads can be up to 5-inches long. 

Site: full sun

Sow: Plant directly into soil or indoors

Approximate seeds per packet: 1,000


Start your seeds in trays indoors 6 weeks before the last frost and transplant once the danger of frost has passed.  Water the bottom of the tray until plants emerge.

Cutting / Vase Life:

Cut early in the morning or in the evening when flowers are at their coolest. Trim the ends and replace water daily to maximize vase life.

Bishop's Flower Seed Packet